Technology for Teachers

I haven't updated this in awhile, but most of the sites are still pretty cool.

Technology Workshop Links:
Google Docs

Check this site out for explanations.


General Info
Wikispaces: create pages for your class

Technology Blogs

2 Cents Worth David Warlick
Education/Technology Tim Lauer's Page
CoolCat Teacher


Bloglines: aggregate all your favorite websites and blogs into one spot. Great tool for class.
Lewis Elementary: great uses of technology in Oregon.
Newsmap: way cool current news site.
Forvo: Every word in the world pronounced. Can't beat that.
Lulu: Publish your own book.
Glogster: Cool poster tool. Maps are changing fast.


Google: create, edit, and store documents, spreadsheets, etc..share with class. Google can do just about everything.
  • Google Historical maps: Wow
  • Google DocumentsGoogle Documents: create and share online. Dont have to pay for network storage or software.
  • Google Sketch-upGoogle Sketch-up: Create 3D models then put them in Google earth. Create "model" communities in Antartica. Create ships that invade Greenland. Create a virtual world.
  • Google Video: find a college lecture on anything. Dont talk about Charlie Parker, show the video. Free. Want to see the moon landing?
  • Google Books: Search almost any book that you can think of.
  • Google Trends: Great way to use data in the class.

Flickr: store photos for use in class
Voki: Make an avatar and talk to your students. portable bookmarks. share your bookmarks with your class.
Blogmeister: blogging tool for your class.
Synchroneyes: This one costs some money. Great tool for computers. Watch any computer in your network. Control it, send files. Broadcast your screen to the class.


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