Music Exam:

This is your semester exam grade. All components (video, blog entry, comments) must be completed and submitted before Monday 1/18 at 7pm.

Almost every website you visit has a video component. During this assignment you will use video to show evidence of what you learned this semester. Some of you have extensive video experience, for some this will be brand new. However, I think being able to make a video is an essential skill in a modern world.

I think you will notice quickly that the quality of the video will have little to do with your technical experience. The ability to write an effective story and to present it coherently will be by far a more important aspect of this project. THINK before you jump in.

1. You are creating a video for high school students. Choose from one of the following topics for your subject:
  • How to create a successful performance.
  • How to sing in Italian.
  • How to improvise a basic 12 bar blues.
  • How to play the recorder.

2. Look at youtube and find videos that you find informative and fun. How do they set up their shots? What works?
You must include the following in your movie:

  • Video, with sound, of you performing. At least 20 seconds of the movie must be uninterrupted video of you, but you may include shorter segments at other times.
  • If you include images they must be created by you or from creative commons . I will help you with this.

3. Create video using Windows movie maker. Movie must be exactly 2 minutes long. This project (because of our lack of equipment) might require work at home. I encourage you to work at home.

Step 1: Storyboard the movie. Plan it out on paper before you start moviemaker. What will your message be?
Step 2: Plan your movie. Will you need free images? Will you need to videotape some background shots?
Step 3: Make and edit movie.
Step 4: Save as a movie file when completely done. This allows other computers to view your movie.

4. Submit the video to . Name the video firstinitiallastnameexam (bschneiderexam).

5. Check to make sure everything works. Yes, you will see what everyone else created. This is a virtual performance.

6. Please evaluate your movie on your ning blog using the rubric and the following four questions.

How did you establish a purpose early on and maintain a clear focus throughout? (out of 4 points)
Explain why the vocabulary, audio and graphics chosen fit the target audience of high school students. (out of 4 points)
What was the hardest part of making the video (out of 4 points)
Who made the best video? Why? (out of 4 points)

Total Score= (out of 16 points)

7. Leave two substantive comments on your classmates blogs. Evaluate their movies using positive, constructive comments.