Fall Practices ! <0

During fall practices the squad focuses mostly on preparing for football games and getting started on the competition routine.

At football games Seymour cheerleaders perform sideline cheers to pump up the crowd to get them loud and cheer on the team. Three routines are performed throughout the game at the end of every quarter,excluding the end of the game. A variety of stunts including liberties, heel stretches, scales, bow-n-arrows, scorpions, and extensions and preps are done often by the cheerleaders. Jumps are included in routines and sidelines.

During the fall is when the squad starts their competition routine. This is when the practice start to be come more and more serious and difficulty is more enthused than it would at a game, and there are more practices during the week, sometimes later at night, and Saturday morning practices. Usually, every year a trained choreographer is hired to produce a routine for the squad. Hard work and dedication is required to acheive the team's goal.

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