The squad holds try-outs in the spring. The girls are judged in the following categories:

*Also to stay on the squad one must uphold
a certain grade average in everyclass.
*Three year juniors do not have to try out again for their senior year.

The Season:

Seymour High School Cheerleaders cheer during the fall for the football team. They attend both home and away varsity games with the team.
The girls also cheer during the winter season for the basketball teams, they attend all boys and girls home varsity games. The squad competes during the winter and into the spring.


Summer season- NCA Cheer Camp, usually at a different place each year. Click here to find out more about NCA camps. Also the team goes over the sideline cheers for football games which start in September. The team conditions by getting physically fit for the upcoming seasons.Practice Includes!
Fall season- The squad has practices roughly 6 hours out of the week during the fall season, plus the weekly football game. Practice Includes!
Winter season- Along with the 2-3 basketball games a week that the squad cheers at during the winter season, they also have about 10-12 hours of practice (mainly getting ready for competition which is during this time also.) The squad participates in about seven competitions per year. This includes Regionals, if qualified. In Seymour's Cheer division, squads are eligible to advanced to a National competition which is held in Orlando, Florida.Click here to find out more about the 2006 National High School Cheerleading Championship! Practices Include!

Basic rules of the Squad
Annual Fundraisers
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