This wiki site is helpful for the authors and editors contributing to this book. Here we can send our summaries, ideas, or anything else that should be thought over with Mr. Schneider. If you have any comments or concerns you can send them to Lauren's Blog. Soon I will have a complete outline for the book, with chapter, format, and schedule ideas. ( now below )


Chapter 1 : General HTML Coding - Lauren
Chapter 2 : Accessibility - Lindsey
Chapter 3 : Usability - James
Chapter 4 : Copywright - Matt
Chapter 5 : Movies ( Flash ) - April
Chapter 6 : Imagery - Chelsea
Chapter 7 : Design of Pages - Erica
Chapter 8 : Google and Online Programs ( Everyscape, etc. ) - Dave
Chapter 9 : Blogging and Connecting - Kellyn

For the most part the general idea is that each chapter should be about 500 - 1,000 words. Inside of each chapter will have an Introduction page, which will include all the will be talked about in the chapter. Also in each chapter, we will work together to figure out an activity for each chapter to include. As side notes to the topic there will be side notes which may include but are not limited to: Did you Know?'s, Ever Think About This, Great Links, or Interesting Facts/ Tips.

For the authors helping us with this book here are some important deadlines:

Chapter Summaries Should be Submitted by 12/14
Complete Drafts of Chapter Should be Submitted 12/21
Final Book DONE, by 1/10
Submit to Lulu on 1/12

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